Welcome my newest book Easy Soups From Scratch With Breads To Match!

photo by Dina Avila, 2017, all rights reserved

Without an exception, every author I’ve ever talked to gets a little edgy when they see their book in print. After months (in my case years) of hard work, to see your ‘book baby’ actually collated into a real, living thing can be a little nerve wracking. (Do mothers, I wonder, feel something similar after carrying their child around in them for 9 months?) Something about all that passion, all those late nights of testing (and retesting) recipes, and all the energy you empty our of yourself and pour into a creative endeavor like a cookbook makes you a little reluctant to even look at it. At least for a few weeks. And then when you finally screw up the courage to take a closer look at your own work, it can be quite elating. “Wow, this is beautiful! I can’t believe that’s my work!”

I’m just starting to get to the elation part. My newest book Easy Soups From Scratch With Quick Breads To Match is now available for preorder!  The hard copy, published by Chronicle Books, will be available in store on September 12th. The book contains 45 recipes for cozy, made from scratch soups that all take under an hour from cutting board to table, ranging from cozy  retooled standards like Roasted San Marzano Tomato Soup to exciting global bowls like Harira with Mini Lamb Meatballs.

Quick soups have been hands down my best selling cooking classes, but I personally see soup as somehow incomplete without a little bread on the side to dip into the bowl. So using my experience as a pastry chef and baker, I  developed 25 recipes for easy breads to match the soups–from teff injera flatbreads to pimento cheese biscuits. Every bread has been carefully tested and they all can be completed in the time it takes the soup to simmer. No long-rise times or complicated kneading here, because I want you to experience the joy of homemade bread, even on a weeknight.

I’ll be doing some book giveaways closer to the publication date, plus include some recipes and photos from the book, but I just wanted to share my elation upon the early arrival of my newest ‘book baby’. Surf over to Amazon and get your pre-order in now! 🙂

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