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Better From Scratch, it really is!

Hello!  A bit of news for you.  My newest cookbook, Better From Scratch is officially out in the wide world!  It’s a book full of great foods you can make at home, but perhaps haven’t thought of making yourself. On the savory side, there are oodles of fun recipes for projects that don’t take a ton […]

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It's Bacon, Isn't It?

It’s Bacon, Isn’t It?

Being from a small town in the Midwest named Sheboygan has its pluses and minuses. As a gothy punkette in my teens, I would have told you it was all minuses. I would have snarled when I said it, too. Sheboygan is an industrial town on Lake Michigan halfway between the cosmopolitan metropolises of Green […]

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Creamy Autumn Vegetable Soup with Smoked Paprika Oil

Creamy Autumn Vegetable Soup with Smoked Paprika Oil

Autumn Goodies From Winter Green FarmAhoy Foodies! Is it just me or is this not the BEST time to visit farmer’s markets and cook? I trotted over to the new f.m. in my neighborhood (King Farmer’s Market) this Sunday and between the gorgeous Rouge Vif D’Etamps squash (which always remind me of Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage) […]

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