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It's Bacon, Isn't It?

It’s Bacon, Isn’t It?

Being from a small town in the Midwest named Sheboygan has its pluses and minuses. As a gothy punkette in my teens, I would have told you it was all minuses. I would have snarled when I said it, too. Sheboygan is an industrial town on Lake Michigan halfway between the cosmopolitan metropolises of Green […]

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A Vegetable With Secrets

A Vegetable With Secrets

Ahoy Foodies! One of my favorite words, nay, one of my favorite vegetables and words is endive. It’s pronounced “en-dive” in the United States, but across the pond they have the class and sense to say “ahn-deev.” So much more aristocratic and fun to say, isn’t it? Ahn-deev. Befitting the name, Belgian endive is a […]

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